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 USJF and USA Judo are insurances that is a once a year payment that all members are required to have before partcipation.
You may use USA Judo's online registration & payment or fill out at club.
Monthly Membership - $40 ($80 for first month includes required USA Judo or USJF card (insurance) )
$125 for family of 4 then $10 for each additional family member in the same household.

Gi prices vary, average price is $50 (we have loners for new members)
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Judogi is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition. It is actually derived from traditional articles of Japanese clothing. Jigoro Kano derived the original judogi from the kimono and other Japanese garments around the turn of 20th century, and as such the judogi was the first modern martial arts training uniform. Over the years the length of the pants and sleeves grew longer, changes were made in the material and fit, the traditional unbleached cotton is now a bleached white, and blue judogi have become available, but today they are still very close to the same practice uniform used 100 years ago. Other martial arts, notably karate, later adopted the style of training uniform used in judo.
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